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2001 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Funniest Nominees

Corky Romano
Not often that you can get a good laugh simply over a face, but that is definitely the case here. (Of course maybe it has something to do with the fact that we keep hearing "you guys want some cookies?" whenever we look at the poster. Perhaps. Regardless, as basic as this poster is, that face cracks us up.
Let's have a show of hands - how many people gave this poster a quick glance and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary? Okay, so it's just a happy face with a third eye, but there is something rather hilarious about that simple fact. Add in the "Have a nice end of the world" tag line and you have a pretty funny poster. (Maybe it's only funny to those people who loved the happy face with a bullet hole t-shirts.)
Monster's Inc.
How can you not look at this pathetic one-eyed creature gaping at you and not crack up? So what exactly makes it so funny? Is it the eye, the mouth, or those skinny dangling arms? You can't help but think that he is looking out at you and thinking "what a strange creature!"
Rat Race
Big heads on little bodies. So hilarious. Well, actually, it is. What could have been just a simple "show all the faces" poster, becomes quite funny by simply making their heads oversized. We can't explain why it's so funny. It just is.
Shallow Hal
Two things: the shadows, and the expression on Jack Black's face. What more can you ask for? It even explains the entire basic plot with a simple picture.

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