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2001 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Creepiest Nominees

From Hell
This one earns points for simplicity. Something emerging from the depths of hell. What could it be? The all too obvious silhouette of Jack the Ripper.
Once again, pretty simplistic. Just Anthony Hopkins' face, what could be creepy about that? Of course sequels always have the benefit of playing off the original, and so we don't really need anything more than Sir Anthony's face to scare the pants off us. Though that subtle smile, the red eyes, and a general undead look to him certainly adds to the overall creepiness. 
Thirteen Ghosts
This one just makes you feel uncomfortable looking at it. A terrorized face made up of a hodge podge of smaller demonic screaming faces. Strange indeed, and rather unpleasant. Of course we do have to take off a point or two for ripping off Se7en by spelling their title Thir13en Ghosts. That kind of spelling is almost as creepy as the poster.
3000 Miles to Graceland
True, this wasn't a horror film, but be honest, is there anything more creepy than Kevin Costner dressed as Elvis? (Especially with those funky sunglasses.) Definitely something seriously wrong with that picture.
Trouble Every Day
A cute woman drenched in blood... and not her own blood by the looks of it. The plot refers to explicit cannibalism during sex. Yeah. Seems like a pretty appropriate poster. Yikes!

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