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2001 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Worst Blockbuster Nominees

Dr. Dolittle 2

Gigantic title, itty bitty actor. What exactly is this poster trying to say? That having Eddie Murphy in the film is just a minor detail? That having animals in the film is just a minor detail? I guess the letters are all important. That's what I go to a movie to see - BIG LETTERS! Yes, there is already a built-in audience of fans from the first film so the title may be enough, but this poster is just downright lazy. Imagine seeing JP3 taking up an entire poster and a wee little dinosaur hiding in the corner.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

There is nothing wrong with the poster design per se, but there seems to be something seriously wrong with the expression on Elijah Wood's face. The other version of this poster, where his head is down, is much better. Instead of holding the one ring in his hand, he just looks as if a bird left some unwelcome droppings there.

Ocean's 11

All bow down to the number eleven. We must worship the glorious number eleven. Some people have raved about this poster, but I like my posters to have a little content to them. So there's an eleven in the title of the movie. Should that take precedence over everything else. Today's movie is brought to you by George Clooney and the number eleven. 

Pearl Harbor

Of the dozen or so posters to come out for this film, this one seems to be the worst. Actually, there seemed to be something seriously wrong with all four of the posters fashioned after US WW2 propaganda posters. This one, featuring Cuba Gooding, Jr. just seems to be the most inappropriate of the bunch.

Rush Hour 2

Jackie Chan's butt! How much would you pay to see that? This one just seems to be insulting the audience. Yes, it is a teaser and they just show enough of Chan so you can recognize from his back. (Of course it helps that they put his name in huge letters over his head.) But once again, we see a very lazy design for promoting a film.

and the winner is...