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2001 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Blockbuster Nominees

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Like Pearl Harbor, there were quite a number of different posters for this film, even if you don't count the variations in titles between Sorcerer's Stone and Philosopher's Stone. This is yet another case where less is more. The final poster, featuring all the main characters, seems all too generic, and also features a very demonic looking Harry Potter. The best posters were those geared specifically for those already familiar with the book. Anyone who's read the books and sees the poster with an owl carrying a note for some kid living in a cupboard under the stairs knows immediately what the movie is for. The same goes for the poster we have chosen here. A specific moment from the novel captured on the poster, bringing up images of wizards and creepy old buildings.
In one sense, it is a pretty simple poster, just a shot of the star, Anthony Hopkins - nothing too imaginative there. And yet it is more than just that. Sure, we recognize him right away, but he really doesn't look like his normal self. The red eye, the subtle smirk, even the marks on his forehead which bring to mind cracks on a skull, giving him a rather undead look. Regardless, it is certainly creepy, which is what a poster for such a movie requires. Just contrast this with Anthony Hopkins on the poster of Hearts in Atlantis to see a dramatic difference in moods based solely on a face.
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Here's a case where the typically "show all the faces" poster actually works. They manage to fit quite a bit on one poster without making it look cluttered. Not much else to say about this poster other than the fact that it would look awfully nice hanging on a wall.
Monsters, Inc.
Sometimes simple is best. This poster tells us nothing about the plot, but it certainly catches your eye(s). What more do you need to know about the movie except that it features such a hilarious looking one-eyed green creature? Of course the tag line doesn't hurt either. Hard to look at this poster and not be curious about what the movie will be like.
Pearl Harbor
Although most critics trashed the film for its trivialization of a serious historical event by wrapping it with a cheesy love story and for blatantly trying to recapture the magic of Titanic, the film did have quite a powerful ad campaign. One of the best aspects of the poster campaign was a series of three overlapping posters that could each be used on their own or put together to make one large poster. But the most powerful image, which sums up so much about the event, comes from the amazing image of Japanese planes filling the sky as a woman puts out her laundry. An ordinary day changed in an instant.

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