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2001 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Poster Nominees

Bread and Roses
Little person takes on the big guys in California. You don't need to already know the plot of Ken Loach's first American film to be able to tell that much from the poster. So nice to see a poster that doesn't require a tag line that explains the whole plot to you. Posters should be all about image, and this one is a perfect example.
In the Bedroom
A perfect example of why sometimes simple is best. A neighborhood of houses in the dead of night. Everything is dark and quiet except for one house. The light is on. Something is up. What could it be? What's going on in the bedroom? 
The picture within a picture within a picture design is a perfect way of relating the confusion of the film's main character, a man who can no longer make new memories and must constantly take photographs and make notes to try and solve the last true memory he does have: the death of his wife.
Pearl Harbor
Certainly the best of the many posters released for this film. As is often the case, one of the "teasers" is far more imaginative then the final official posters plastered with the stars' faces. This poster perfectly captures the mood of the event itself, even if it doesn't capture the silliness of the movie itself.
Just because your movie is a "psycho on the loose" slasher film doesn't mean you can't come up with an imaginative poster design. 

and the winner is...