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2000 Internet Movie Poster Awards - Best Poster Nominees

Yes, the poster is extremely racist. But then again, that was the whole point of Spike Lee's film. The poster does a great job of incorporating the elements of his credits into the stereotypical format of old. "Starring the great negroe actors:" and "A spectacular new film by Mr. Spike Lee" certainly add to the flavor. You may not like the poster, but you can't fault its creativity.
The ultimate in simplicity, which can be a great thing when it comes to posters. In this case, all we have are two old-fashioned microphones "snuggling" up to one another. A fitting image for a film featuring romance in the world of karaoke. 
The Family Man
What if... What if businessman Nicolas Cage had made a different decision years ago and married the girl of his dreams? Another perfect example of a poster that captures the entire idea of the film with a single image.
High Fidelity
Spoofing the Beatles' Hard Day's Night album was the perfect idea for this film set mostly in a record store, filled with characters obsessing about their music tastes..
The Perfect Storm
Sure, it's basically just an image taken from the film itself, but what an image. You couldn't walk past this poster in the theaters without stopping to see what it was.

and the winner is...